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Nicole Mitchell


Where to begin?  My passion started as a young girl.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a vintage Seagull camera and capture life in images.  I tended to be a creative introvert and was drawn to the emotions that film expresses.  In high school I was in the production side of theater, setting stages. Truthfully that creative expression never left, it just changed forms from theater to photography. My passion got a second start with weddings.  I’ve been in the wedding industry for eleven years as well as being a past owner of a bridal salon.  But the love affair with photography never left, so I hitched my wagon to that star about 6 years ago and never looked back. I love expressing who you are through pictures.  I love hearing your stories, acquiring your friendship and creating magic with you.  My favorites are the unposed pictures that capture the “in between” moments that are forgotten and ever so fleeting.  The touch of your child's hands on your face, the shy smiles, the sweet glances, the rough and the gritty that make up the every day life.   My style tends to be dark, moody and rich with raw emotion that I feel can best be conveyed through black and white and every shade of gray.  But my ultimate goal is to cultivate sincere imagery and memorable events.  Come take that journey with me. 


Greater Austin Area
PHONE: (512) 635 2187